Tattoo Ticket

Tattoo Ticket

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This tattoo ticket is an optional way to support House of Pins if you're getting one of our existing designs tattooed! Our existing designs may be used for tattoos as long as they're not commissions.

  • This tattoo ticket is not for a custom commission; currently, our commissions are closed.
  • This does not allow you to use the design for anything besides the tattoo.
  • Usage isn't exclusive; someone else could get the same design tattooed.
  • Nothing physical will be shipped; this is just a way to support us. 😊

If you purchase this and would like a certain design emailed to you with a white background (but no other changes), please feel free to contact us and we'll send that to you.

We would absolutely love to see your tattoo when it's done! Feel free to send us photos at

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