Preorder Status Chart

Check the table below if you preordered a product and want to see the latest status!
Production updates are also regularly posted on our Instagram and Twitter.

Product Name

Status (as of 2/15)

Estimated Ship Date (as of 2/15)
Heart Lollipop Pins Step 3. In production (2nd sample) Mid-April
Hope World x JITB Keychain (Double-sided) Step 3. In production (sample) Mid-April
Hope World x JITB Day Mode/Night Mode Pins (Set of 2) Step 3. In production (sample) Mid-April

Approximate Preorder Processing Times

  • Apparel and tote bags: ~2-3 weeks
  • Acrylic pins and acrylic keychains: ~1-2 months
  • Enamel pins and enamel keychains: ~3-4 months

Status Descriptions

1. Preorder open: There are still preorder slots open for this product; it still needs to be funded. If preorders aren't funded, you'll be refunded within 2 weeks of the preorder shop update.

2. Payment sent to manufacturer; artwork in progress: We've paid the manufacturer, and we're working on the production artwork with the manufacturer.

3. In production: The product is currently in production; production time varies depending on the product. It could be around 2 months for this step alone for some products.

4. Shipped to House of Pins: The manufacturer shipped the products to us.

5. Arrived at House of Pins: We've received the products from the manufacturer and are working on quality checking - we'll send out preorders shortly, assuming there aren't any major quality issues!