Preorder Status Chart

Check the table below if you preordered a product and want to see the latest status!
Production updates are also regularly posted on our Instagram and Twitter.

Product Name

Status (as of March 23)

Estimated Processing Date (as of March 23)
Indigo: Wild Flower Pin Step 3 of 5: In production Early May
Indigo: Still Life Pin
Step 3 of 5: In production
Early May

Approximate Preorder Processing Times by Product Type

  • Apparel and tote bags: ~2-3 weeks
  • Acrylic pins and acrylic keychains: ~1-2 months
  • Enamel pins and enamel keychains: ~3-4 months

Status Descriptions

1. Preorder open: There are still preorder slots open for this product; it still needs to be funded. If preorders aren't funded, you'll be refunded within 2 weeks of the preorder shop update.

2. Payment sent to manufacturer; artwork in progress: We've paid the manufacturer, and we're working on the production artwork with the manufacturer.

3. In production: The product is currently in mass production; production time varies depending on the product. It could be around 2 months for this step alone for some products.

4. Shipped to House of Pins: The manufacturer shipped the products to us.

5. Arrived at House of Pins: We've received the products from the manufacturer and are working on quality checking - we'll send out preorders shortly, assuming there aren't any major quality issues!