Group Order (GO) Policy

For currently open group orders, click here.

If you're interested in opening a GO for our products, please read the info below and contact us (please include your GOM Twitter and/or Instagram username). We will need to send you the number of available preorder slots available for your GO.

Preorders vs. In-stocks
The only products we can specifically set aside/reserve for GOs are "preorder" products. In-stocks may be added to these preorder GOs but cannot be reserved, so we can only add in-stocks if there's still stock available by the time the GO closes. You can send us updates on in-stock orders during the GO period (whether we're communicating on Twitter, Instagram, or by email), and we'll try our best to set aside that stock as orders come in. Feel free to send customers our website URL to look around!

You're welcome to place a large in-stock order on our site as the "GO" (just like a normal order) as long as there is enough stock available, but in-stocks can't be specifically reserved for GOs.

For preorder items: Oftentimes, there are a limited number of preorder slots so we can ensure there are enough A Grades in the batch for preorders. Please contact us for the number of available preorder slots for each preorder product.

We are no longer taking preorders on our Etsy due to Etsy limitations, so GOs are the only way for EU & UK customers to preorder our products (however, in-stocks are still available for EU & UK customers on our Etsy!).

Please note that you may be charged VAT on arrival depending on the size of the order. We will be sure to declare all products within the GO accurately on the customs form.

For GOs with reserved preorder slots: Payment will be handled on PayPal via the Goods & Services option, so there will be a PayPal fee on top of the products plus shipping.

Buyers are responsible for any customs/import charges that may apply. We will declare all items accurately on the customs form, and we cannot mark the package as a gift.

We will insure the package with the value of the order but are only responsible for insuring the package to the address you give us (for example, if you want us to ship to an address in the US, then you handle shipping from that address to your country, we are only responsible for insuring the package between House of Pins + the US address). Insurance is provided by Shipsurance.