Please see our Shipping & Return Policy for more info.

Yes, with a few exceptions*! EU and UK customers: Please shop on our Etsy.

*Unfortunately, USPS is still restricting shipping to certain countries due to COVID; the list of countries is here. Additionally, shipping to Germany is currently paused due to the new packaging act. However, sometimes there are group orders (GOs) open for these countries — check here to see if there's a GO open.

All domestic and international orders placed on this website are shipped via USPS and include tracking. 

For in-stock orders, our processing time before shipment is 1-4 business days (sometimes slightly longer right after big shop updates).

For preorder items, this time can vary greatly depending on the item - check the preorder status chart for latest status. If you ordered both in-stock and preorder items in the same order, everything will ship together when the preorder items are done with production.

If you have not already gotten a shipping notification for one of the orders, yes! Please contact us with your order numbers, and we will partially refund you on shipping ASAP. We do not automatically combine orders.

We can only do this for international (outside of U.S.) orders, and it depends if the next shop update is planned for the near-term. But let's chat - contact us and let us know what product(s) you're waiting to combine with your current order. If we cannot hold your current order and you'd prefer to cancel it, we can cancel it and fully refund you.

If you haven't gotten a shipping notification email yet, yes! Please send your order number and new address to us ASAP.

Please contact us with your order number. Although we're not responsible for lost packages, we'll do our best to work with you and see if anything can be done.

Oftentimes, a package is marked as delivered prematurely and can even take 5-6 business days post-"delivery" to show up. If not, we recommend checking with your neighbors or contacting your local post office - they may be able to do a GPS look-up on the delivery. Unfortunately, if the package was not insured (by USPS Ground Advantage, Priority Mail, or added shipping insurance), we are unable to refund in this case.

Unfortunately, this is out of our hands and is the automatically calculated rate by USPS. However, we work with GOMs (Group Order Managers) often to arrange for group preorders in different countries; this is so that you can buy from the GOM (who is in contact with us), and you can split the shipping cost with everyone else who joins the GO. Whenever we have preorder shop updates, we will post open GOs on Instagram and Twitter, and update our Current Group Orders page.


A preorder is an item that hasn't yet been put into production with a manufacturer. When you preorder a product, assuming it gets funded by enough preorders, it can typically take up to 3 months before it's shipped to you; however, some items have shorter lead times. To see the latest status of preorders, visit our preorder status chart.

If a product is not funded with enough preorders, you will be fully refunded within 2 weeks after preorders started.

- By preordering, you are helping fund production of the product - without enough preorders, there won't be in-stocks to begin with!

- You get your future self a nice gift! :)

- For brand new preorder items, orders include 1 extra freebie (unless otherwise noted in the product description) - most often a brand new sticker that hasn't been released yet. (Please note that restock preorders do not always include extra freebies.)

- Oftentimes, new preorder items are discounted from in-stock pricing; however, this varies per product.

When shopping on this site, get familiar with upcoming preorders that will be published as 'coming soon' products on the website ahead of time. Then, when checking out, the best way is to use the Shop app from Shopify because it lets you store all your payment settings and addresses ahead of time for quick check out. If you don't want to use the Shop app but still want a faster check out experience, you can also pay via PayPal.

If you're looking to join a Group Order (GO) for your country, check the Current Group Orders page, contact the GO for your country, and check if there's an available preorder slot. :)

Yes! If you want your in-stock(s) sooner than the preorder, please place separate orders. 

Group orders

Please start by reading our GO policy, then contact us and we can discuss details from there! Please include your GOM Twitter and/or Instagram username when you contact us.

Check the Current Group Orders page, contact the GO for your country if there is one, and check if there's an available preorder slot!


These are quality ratings. For pins, please see the below description - for other products, please see their product descriptions for more details.

- A grade: No pin is perfect but these are the best quality in the batch! May have 1-2 minor flaws only noticeable on close inspection (examples of minor flaws include a small scratch, very small spot of under/over-filled enamel, pieces of dust under epoxy)
- B grade: Slightly more visible flaws than A grade; may have a couple more flaws (i.e. more scratches, more noticeable under/over-filled enamel, etc.)
- C grade: Noticeable scratches or defects

*Note: The back of the pin is not considered in the grading; the back may have discoloration on the metal (even A grades!).

It depends on the product and if there's enough interest in restocks. If a product shows as sold out, check the product description for estimated restock dates. Keep an eye out for restock posts on our InstagramTwitter, or via the newsletter sign-up at the bottom of the page, as well.

- Machine wash cold, inside out, with similar colors
- Hang to dry
- Do not iron/apply heat directly on screen printed designs

Not at this time, but we'll post on Instagram and Twitter if that changes. :)

Not at this time, sorry!

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