Namgi "Ayo Suga!" Pin
Namgi "Ayo Suga!" Pin

Namgi "Ayo Suga!" Pin

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Originally from a collaboration with Lonely Whale Las Vegas for their "Sweet Smiles" event, this Namgi pin is now available for worldwide shipping! It features Namjoon's iconic "Ayo Suga!" from Moving On and Respect.

If you're in the Vegas area, check out @lonelywhalelv for future cupsleeve events. 🐋💜

- Soft enamel pin with dark blue plating and glossy epoxy on top
- 1.75”
- Screen printed details
- Matching backing card

- 2 rubber clutches

- A grade: No pin is perfect but these are the best quality in the batch! May have a few minor flaws only noticeable on close inspection (e.g. pieces of dust under epoxy, scratches or flaws in plating, etc.)
B grade: Slightly more visible flaws than A grades; may have a couple more flaws (e.g. more scratches or flaws in plating, more noticeable under/over-filled enamel, etc.)

*Note: The back of the pin is not considered in the grading; the back may have discoloration on the metal (even A grades!).


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