Super Tuna Pin
Super Tuna Pin

Super Tuna Pin

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This pin is inspired by Seokjin's iconic song, Super Tuna, and his love of gaming. 👾 Super Tuna: it's super catchy! 🎣

- Hard enamel pin with black nickel plating
- Screen printed details
- 1.6"
- 2 rubber clutches

📸 2nd image by @ineedu2015

- A grade: No pin is perfect but these are the best quality in the batch! May have 1-2 minor flaws only noticeable on close inspection (i.e. a small scratch, very small spot of under/over-filled enamel, pieces of dust under epoxy)
B grade: More visible flaws than A grades; may have a couple more flaws (i.e. more scratches, more noticeable under/over-filled enamel, etc.)

*Note: The back of the pin is not considered in the grading; the back may have discoloration on the metal (even A grades!).

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